Some info about Paleochora

The village of Paleochora is built on the ancient city of Kalamidiou. In 1282 AC, the historical castle of Selinou (Castello Selino) was built by the Enets.

And as a result they gave its name to the eparchy. The today appearance of Paleochora has been since 1800 AC.

The castle, which is on a small hill and has view to the Libian Sea, had been distroyed and rebuilt again and again by the Enets, Turks and the famous pirate Barbarossa.

Nowdays, Paleochora is a beautiful, peaceful and large village close to the sea. Many people from all over the world come here to join the Cretan hospitality, the crystal-clear waters, the delicious Cretan cuisine and some traditional celebrations (Carnival, tomato's festival etc).

Tourists in Paleochora have plenty of activities to do. Bicycling and walks around Paleochora are some of their first choices. Also, they can see Paleochora by taking the picturesque train, which drives you in and out of village. In addition they can join traditional Cretan nights with home-made food and topical dance groups. At last but not least, they can explore the rare and amazing bottom of the South Crete, by doing scuba diving.

In Paleochora you can find any kind of hotels and rooms, taverns, bars,clubs and cafes. Also, there is an outdoor cinema, where you can pass your night by watching a movie. In addition there are banks, drug-stores,a hospital,tourists office and places where you can rent a car or a bike/motorbike.

If you don't want to pass all of your days to Paleochora, you can visit many other regions like Elafonisi, Ancient Lissos, Sougia, Agia Roumeli, Loutro, Sfakia, Fragkokastelo and the southest part of Europe, "Gavdos" island. The only think you need to do, to visit these areas, is to buy tickets for the boat! And for those who want to stay at the village it would be a good idea to visit the Kastello Selino or the Acritans' museum, which is the only in the world!

An important part of Paleochora is the gorges, which are around. The most famous of them are Samaria, St. Irene and Anidrou.

And after that, the Byzantine churches with sea paints of holy and the European Path E4, attracts the attention of the visitors.